Why Canada International College(CIC)?

  1. CIC has had more than a 90% admission rate to U of T, Waterloo etc. for over 5 consecutive years;
  2. CIC has a caring, experienced and responsible teaching faculty and administration team;
  3. CIC has an excellent reputation in the community: more than 80% of students are referred to CIC by our graduates or their parents;
  4. CIC has the most popular language training support for international students;
  5. CIC has a reliable university application guidance team

  • Alice Yang: In Sept. 2008, Alice came to us from Beijing for her final year of high School. In May 2009, she was admitted to the U of T Rotman School of Commerce...

  • David Ge: Recommended by a family friend, David transferred to our school at the beginning of January, 2022. After 5 months of hard work, he successfully ...

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