Faculty & Staff

Principal: Darren Frake B.A., M.A. in education

With many years of teaching and administration experiences in Toronto prestigious high schools, Mr. Frake started to join CIC in 2010. His popularity in teaching and extra curriculum activities has been booming the name of CIC in the community, and also wining the high praise from the ministry.

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Tracey Velletri

Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto and B.Ed. from Trent University, OCT certified teacher. Tracey was awarded with high academic achievements in her B.Ed program. Tracey has experience teaching ESL, English and Geography. Her goal in the classroom is to inspire students to become lifelong learners and make a commitment to expanding their knowledge. One way Tracey believes this can be accomplished is through building positive relationships, in a community setting, which Canada International College offers. She strives to encourage all students to believe in themselves, to hold themselves to a high standard, and to provide students the tools necessary for success.


Jim Park

B.Edu.the Uni. of Western Ontario, M.A.in Sci. from York and Kyung Hee Uni.Fascinated by students in the community, Jim has a flexible teaching methodology to make math and science easy to understand. He sets a high standard for himself and is a role model for students too. He joined CIC in 2009.


Andrew Oliveira

Ontario Certified Teacher, B.A. in English. Andrew has a passion for teaching ESL students, focusing on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. Andrew has been teaching courses based on the Ontario high school curriculum for quite a few years, and is a very popular teacher in the community.


Elizabeth Mayne

B.Edu. From University of Toronto, H.B.A. in History and Religion from Carleton University As a reflective, dedicated and passionate educator with commitment to student and personal development, Liz is experienced in designing curriculum plans that reflect the needs of diverse students. She possesses excellent communication and adaptability skills. She is enthusiastic in teaching and students love her very much. Liz joined CIC in 2010.


Paul Cassidy

B.A. In English Literature and History from Uni. of Toronto and M.A.in education “Hello! My name is Paul Cassidy and I have been teaching at Canada International College for over 3 years now. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011 with an honours degree with a specialist in English Literature and a minor in History. I moved on to complete my teaching degree and since then have been doing what I love to do. As a teacher, it is important to me that students are taught the value of education and to be able to take the knowledge and experience gained in high school and carry it with them as they


Vijay Bhatia

Master of Science, Master of Philosophy Years of teaching Math and Science including Advanced functions, Calculus & Vectors, Data Management, Chemistry and Physics at Ontario High Schools. Co-author of Essentials of Physical Chemistry - Solution Manual published in the year 1999.


Patrick Gallagher B.Edu., H.B.,

Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and History, the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Education from OUIT(Dean List) Years of experience in teaching Ontario English, ESL, Psychology and teaching ESL experience overseas. He has a passion to motivate students to explore their potential by using his knowledge and experience.


Suran Lee

B.Sc. in life science and psychology, the University of Toronto Suran teaches science and math courses at CIC. She believes that the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning and growth in a caring and stimulating atmosphere to help students reach their full potential.


Wendy Terry M.Edu., H.Bs.,

M.Edu, Harvard Many years of experience in teaching students English, ESL, Conversation and writing. Having been teaching at CIC for many years, CIC students are impressed by her great attitude and patience in teaching and helping students.


Jane Yang

B.A.in English, Beijing Foreign Studies Uni. and M.B.A. The Uni.of Texas at Dallas IELTS and TOEFL Instructor at CIC. More than 10 years of experience in teaching, translating and marketing including experience in Xinhua News Agency in China and experiences in U.S. A. She has taught at Canada International College for more than 8 years and helped numerous students successfully pass IELTS and TOEFL. She is teaching most of the IELTS students at CIC in GTA area.


Changhong Cao

Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering, the University of Toronto, M.Eng., U.S.A. TOEFL, SAT, GRE and COPE Instructor at CIC. Years of experience in teaching TOEFL, GRE and SAT in China and Canada. His teaching focuses on the best way to get the right answer promptly by analyzing past tests. At the same time, he is helping the students improve their English as much as he can. His students from CIC frequently get a score over 110 out of 120 in TOEFL. His method is very effective and helpful.


Kevin Xu

M.Eng. and Director of Education As an Engineer and due to his extensive English testing background in TOEFL, IELTS, COPE, SAT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT, Kevin is enthusiastic to teach and help those who have problems in any English Language test. He was a Partner of a well-known training institute in China, and has written many articles and published books about the ways to pass English proficiency tests. He is also very helpful in helping students choose their majors and apply for university.


Graham Lee

B.A. in English and B.Edu. the University of Toronto Graham has extensive experience in teaching English, ESL and related subjects in Ontario. He has thorough knowledge in what he is teaching and the students follow him very well.


Christine Muhlberger

B.A. in Double Major-Economics and Accounting from Wilfrid Laurier and B.Edu. the University of Toronto Christine has solid knowledge in Accounting, Economics and Business and can present herself very well to the students who take her classes.