CIC 100% Student Successful Caring and Admin System

  1. Free airport pick-up and home stay arrangements ensure that CIC can provide convenience and safety;
  2. Study Plan: scheduled under the guidance of educational experts, making clear study goals, steps and efforts;
  3. Suitability of individual course choice, providing the students with a chance to choose the courses they are good at and achieve the marks required by the targeted universities;
  4. University application and major choice under the help of education experts;
  5. Parent reporting system: informing parents of the progress of the students;


Application process

  1. Understand CIC Philosophy & Admissions Criteria
  2. Fill in Application form & Submit Application Materials
  3. Sign Agreement & Pay Tuition Deposit
  4. Issue Letter of Acceptance
  5. CIC China Staff help prepare VISA Documents
  6. Prepare study permit documents
  7. Submit VISA application to Canadian Embassy & Communicate with the VISA Center
  8. VISA Approval and students pay balance of tuition
  9. Travel Scheduling

Tuition Fee

Visa Students Direct from Overseas Registration

Application Fee CDN$200.00
Students who finished 3rd Year High School CDN $20,000.00/year
(Include:8 Credit Courses & Uni.
Application Help)
Students who finished 2nd Year High School CDN $25,000.00/year
(Include:10 Credit Courses &
Uni. Application Help)
Students who finished 1st Year High School CDN $37,500.00/year
(Include:15 Credit Courses &
Uni. Application Help)
Students who finished Middle School CDN $50,000.00/year
(Include:20 Credit Courses &
Uni. Application Help)
Materials,Extra-Curricular Activities,
Designated Travels etc.
Medical Insurance CDN$750.00/year
Visa Service (optional) CDN$2,800.00
Guardian Legal Fee(optional) CDN$1200.00 (Charged only once)

Fee for Canadian Citizens & P.R. Registration

Registration Fee CDN$100.00
Tuition Fee CDN$1780.00/credit
Published Textbook, Materials CDN$25/book


TOEFL Weekend CDN$2280 (Tax & materials Inc., valid for one year)
IELTS-VIP CDN$5680 (Tax & materials Inc., valid for one year)
IELTS Weekend/Weekday Eve CDN$2280 (Tax & materials Inc., valid for one year)
COPE Weekend CDN$1680 (Tax & materials Inc., valid for one year)

CIC Student Code of Conduct

AttendanceAcademic achievement is closely linked to attendance. Students are expected to attend all classes on time. If you must be absent from school, contact your counsellor at 416-416-335-9839; explain the reason for your absence, stating your name, class and teacher. Students are responsible for bringing a doctors note to their teacher, on the day of return.

Dress CodeStudents are required to dress appropriately for an effective learning environment. Presenting a bodily appearance or wearing clothing which is disruptive, provocative, revealing, profane, vulgar, offensive or obscene, is prohibited. Examples of prohibited dress or appearance include, but are not limited to, exposed undergarments; sagging pants; excessively short or tight garments; bare midriff shirts; strapless shirts; attire with messages or illustrations that are lewd, indecent, or vulgar or that advertise any product or service not permitted by law to minors.

Cellular Phones and Electronic DevicesCanada International College has a “No Cell Phone in the Classroom” policy. Cell phones/electronic devices are not permitted in the classroom for any reason or under any circumstance. Students that bring a cellphone to school must leave it at the front desk in the morning and may retrieve it at the end of the school day.

Cell Phone Use/Video Games in Class

1st Offense-Phone confiscated for 3 days
2nd Offense-Phone confiscated for a week
3rd Offense-Phone confiscated for the semester

The only electronic device that students may use are:

  1. Electronic dictionaries and translators (not cellphone apps)
  2. Laptop computers (if requested by their teacher).

After School Academic Achievement SessionsCanada International College is offering academic achievement sessions to interested/identified students. The sessions will run from 4:30-5:30 pm daily, and will be supervised by Math, Science and English teachers. The sessions are open to all students and are designed to help individuals with homework, assignments and test preparation. They are mandatory for students who have been identified by parents, teachers or administration as needing extra help.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate a commitment and readiness to learn;
  2. Be punctual and maintain regular attendance;
  3. Maintain regular communication with teachers;
  4. Take responsibility for his/her actions;
  5. Adhere to the Canada International Colleges Code of Conduct, and all school rules.

Staff Responsibilities

  1. Help and encourage students to achieve, to the best of their ability, the development of self-worth, academic success and responsible citizenship;
  2. Maintain order in the school and hold everyone to the highest standard of respectful and responsible behaviour;
  3. Communicate regularly and meaningfully with students and parents;
  4. Establish clear, fair, developmentally appropriate supports and interventions for appropriate student behaviour.


  1. A full refund, less the administration fee ($200.00) plus any applicable service fee, will be granted if Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not issue the Study Permit. To obtain a refund, the student must provide:
    a.The original Letter of Rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
    b.The original CIC Official Letter of Acceptance;
    c.The original receipt of tuition fee payment;
    d.A written refund request signed by the parent including the name and address of the cheque recipient
  2. There is no tuition deposit refund if the student has not applied for a Study Permit and has withdrawn the application;
  3. There will be no refund of the tuition fee after a Study Permit has been granted using the CIC Official letter of Acceptance, if the student chooses to withdraw for any reason;
  4. There will be no refund of any portion of the tuition fee that has been paid to CIC once the student started attending classes;
  5. There will be no refund of the tuition fee if the student is found in violation of school policies, either asked to withdraw or voluntarily withdraw from the school;
  6. There will be no refund of the tuition if the student changes immigration status during the year.

Effective Date: Sept. 8, 2009